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A wind in my ear
that is not quite there
but merely the suggestion
of a whisper.

It sings to me softly
in the deep of the night
filling something of the emptiness
with a companionship
not quite real.

Perhaps I imagine it
an ethereal pigmentation
formed of shadow and whimsy
and not really there.

Perhaps it is just me
finding a way
to feel better
when I feel alone.

I take it and leave it
only listening at those times
that the depth of night’s sky
reaches into me.

Maybe it’s my mind
giving nature a song
so I forget to feel
like an infinitesimal speck of dust
in a vast dark universe
more empty than full
for just a moment.

It’s just there though
so usually I don’t think about it
or worry about it
cause it’s simply a shiver of whimsy
a wind in my ear.