It was one of those days
when you feel as though
you are the only one
in all of creation
that is conscious.

That everyone else
is a part of the mass
not really awake
shambling to their destinies
like zombies
or lemmings
or something.

She was the one
who felt alive
as if only she
was lucid.

In a world
where she could almost feel
like an almost crackling
a sense that
the world was more for her
right now
than at any other moment
on any other day.

More vibrant
more colourful
more crisp
more being
like she could breathe in the colours
and feel the scents
because everything
seemed more than real
she knew there was a word
to describe it
and started trying to remember
what t was

She saw him
and he saw her
and suddenly there were two in this world
outside of all worlds
and she actually jumped
it looked like he did too
so she felt guilty
and nodded at him
across a swarm of sleeping sheep
she going up an escalator
he going down
their moments crystallizing there and then for an instant
then they both
continued on their journeys.

It was odd
almost surreal
first because it had happened
second because of how he looked
third because just as suddenly
the world was normal again
and when she looked again
he was gone
as if he had never been there.

He had looked very suave
well dressed in his way
everything about him was brown
dark mahogany skin
a dark chocolate leather trenchcoat
or duster
she was not sure which
and a hat like Indiana Jones’
but made from leather
not in a raw way
in a very expensive way
uniquely classy
from head to foot
in a style that stood out
on that warm day.

A few days later
in the mall across the road
she turned left after the stairs
and almost walked into him
they recognized each other
he tipped his hat with a faint smile
she touched her forehead with a faint smile
neither stopped
neither knew if they should
it was all so surreal
and she never saw him again.

It stayed with her though
it affected her
in a way she could not express
so instead she expressed it by
writing a story
about a girl
who met someone
who was not