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when we are small we are the center of all that is
we are all ego
as we grow, we should develop internally
to slowly become a different and unique part
of a whole
but somewhen
along the line
some idiot lost the manual
so most the time now we end up not getting lessons
we damned well need
and as we blindly grope along
us whats gots brains know damned well
you can’t beat it into someone
but too few even consider how you COULD instill it
some try, but they can’t see the ‘it’ as more than one part
that’s just a piece of the whole
like the tip on a squid tentacle that break’s the water’s surface
a part but sure as hell not the whole
and because we’ve lost the manual
we can neither fix it nor reboot it if we get it wrong
and decide the bit we see is something other than what
it truly is