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He came in from the night
As if he thought I would reject him
Because he walked in shadow.

His pelt was black
With a charcoal sheen
His mane and tail on the other hand
Were a blueblack tone
Dark as the shadows
dark as the night
As deep as the sea
He stood there
Yet shy
Afraid I would not accept him
Because he was not what I’d expected
But he was wrong.

So what if his horn was the red of fresh blood?
So what if his body was the darks of nights and shadows?
He was a unicorn
And he had come when I sang
So he mattered to me far far more
Than any story I had ever been told
And any dream I had ever had
Because when I had called
He had come.

I was afraid none would come
I feared my song would not be good enough
My heart lacking in purity
My soul unable to fly high enough
So in my own way
I was as incomplete as he
Or as uniquely special
If you looked at it a better way
So I smiled
And walked up close
Picking some clover to feed him
If he would accept it.

We had both feared rejection
We had both felt unworthy
But we were both here
And that was all that mattered.

So I raised my eyes
Icy blue like a hawk’s
And he raised his eyes
Jade green like a small patch of ocean
And we both saw each other’s hesitations
And we both saw each other’s fears that no-one would be ours
And we smiled

And as the tip of his horn touched the place between my eyes
We sang together