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It was a bird
I think
or was it a kite?
it didn’t seem to move
as I watched it
from three hills away

It was big
it had to be
it was over the river
five minutes away by car
yet I could clearly see the colouring

It could have been
an expensive balloon
it just seemed to sit
in the air
in the moment
and I watched it

Others saw me
and asked what was so special
and I showed them
and we watched it
shifting slightly sometimes
on the breeze
but never seeming
to move

We all said
what we thought it was
and watched till
some of us became bored
and left
but still it was there
like it had been painted onto the sky

Then it moved
so quickly
that if you’d blinked
you would miss what happened
wings in
shot like a rocket
straight down

I hope the hawk
caught the dinner
it had waited so long for