State of Whimsy

Soft the quill
Imparting to the surface
The thoughts
Of the poet

Creating a place
Outside of all knowns
Where all can be known
And imagined
The State of Whimsy


3 thoughts on “State of Whimsy”

  1. This is a place where I will be posting stories, poems, and other whimsical bits that are new and old writings. They might be good, they might be bad, they’re mine so it’s hard for me to tell. Feel free to comment on them. I can learn 🙂


  2. I love whimsical! There is nothing like it really;)


    • Heh heh….I know. My state of Whimsy is my favorite place to visit. It’s much nicer than visitting the state of insanity or the state of confusion, in my mind. 🙂


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